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Mission Statement

Butterfly Beginnings: My Journey My Destiny mission is to provide education and awareness about breast cancer and to provide support and resources to help navigate the journey to wellness for breast cancer patients.

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The Meaning of Butterfly Beginnings, My Journey My Destiny

The Symbol of a Butterfly: Spiritual Growth, rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life.

A Butterfly begins as a caterpillar; as it grows, it must have nourishment to survive; meanwhile, its skin sheds.  Within its protective casing; the Chrysalis Phase, the caterpillar radically transforms its body, emerging into a beautiful butterfly. Just as a caterpillar goes through many stages to become a butterfly, so do those affected by cancer. It is our goal to walk you through your journey so that you may feel supported and informed.  As a caterpillar, you are going through your journey of healing, your body must go through steps of healing, and throughout those steps, you will begin to shed.  Going through your journey, you will reach your destiny of becoming a beautiful butterfly.  It is your beginning to reach your destiny.

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Meet the Founder

Founder, Butterfly Beginnings

Nedra D. McPherson is currently a Breast Health Navigator at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis Missouri.  She went to Sanford Brown for the medical assistant program and completed her certificate in 1996.  Nedra then went on to complete her Associate's in Applied Science in Human Services at Florissant Valley Community College in 2006.  


Nedra has been working at Barnes Jewish Hospital at the Breast Health Center for 16 plus years with the last 13 of those as a navigator.  She has such passion for her position!  She is part of a team that helps women obtain free breast imaging and breast health care if qualified.  Nedra speaks with women to help them overcome any barriers they may have to receiving annual mammograms, breast consultations, and diagnostic imaging.  The women of St. Louis and surrounding communities need help!  Breast cancer is the most curable cancer if found timely, and care is available to them.  Nedra is impassioned to assist the women of her community to become educated and receive the breast care that can save lives! 


Nedra is currently taking on a new role as proprietor of Butterfly Beginnings!  This new non-profit organization is a resource for women and men newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  Butterfly Beginnings helps to navigate these patients of St. Louis through their entire breast cancer journey.  Health coaching, financial resources, mental health support, and any or all barriers that people in the St. Louis Community that are suffering from breast cancer may need are available with Butterfly Beginnings.  Nedra’s navigation training that she received with the Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute and the Susan G. Komen Foundation empower her to lead the community through their breast cancer journey. 


Nedra is the proud mother of 3 wonderful daughters and a beautiful granddaughter.

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"It's about going through our "Journey" to reach our "Destiny."

Nedra McPherson

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